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Aesara Partners is a global executive coaching and transformation practice.

We enable individuals, teams and cultures to realise potential. We harness clarity of thought and positive behavioural shifts through world class executive coaching. We deliver performance through transformation, with customised solutions that embed self-awareness, self-learning, new habits, competencies and core confidence. 


We combine insights, psychology and neuroscience with coaching and consulting frameworks, psychometrics and assessments to create sustainable change. We augment an Aesara coaching journey with Lucania™ our vanguard proprietary tech platform which enables us to deliver meaningful transformation, with autonomy, rigour and at scale.


We are a team of relentless human capital professionals who bring vastly diverse business acumen and experience.  

We know that our value is our people.  At Aesara, together, we’re different. 

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We deliver performance through transformation, with customised solutions that embed sustainable self-learning, new habits, competencies and core confidence. .  ... Explore More 


LUCANIA™ is the transformation platform of Aesara Partners. It was created to support and enable sustainable behavioural transformation throughout the coaching process of individuals, teams, groups and cultures. ... Explore More 

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Thanks again for this great two days. I am quite old and have been thru few offsite sessions dedicated to vision/strategy/building the house. Till this one, it has always been a pain, the kind of days where you end up thinking of sad things, you have an equivalent of “simply the best” as the vision and “let’s sale more and spend less” action point and with the solid one team/one dream as core value!

You guys managed to make it very efficient, focused and fun. The outcome is real and kind of cool. More than this, it has reinforced the links between us. So really well done and a big thank you”   


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