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Executive Coach & Consultant


Jane has over 20 years’ experience in the international development and humanitarian sectors, holding numerous global board level positions. Most recently Jane lead the European operations of International Rescue Committee as Executive Director. She draws on this deep experience of working in volatile and complex purpose driven environments gained through her career leading global teams working to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

As a leader of large-scale teams operating under high stress, in matrixed structures across multiple locations Jane is adept at ensuring continued results are delivered through periods of uncertainty. Beyond the humanitarian interventions, this critically includes the constant need to maintain financial buoyancy and the positive public image of the organisation. As a result, Jane has a unique insight into leadership, strategy and commercial pressures.

This experience underpins her impact as an executive coach, coupled with her powerful empathy for what it means to be human and purpose driven as a leader and how to focus to unlock the full potential of the individual. She has experienced the powerful impact that coaching can have in being transformative for the individual and in delivering better results for the organisation.

Jane is a graduate of the UK Cabinet Office sponsored Top Management Programme (TMP) and trained as an executive coach in 2017. Jane is ICF, EMCC and ACTP accredited. She is highly committed to her ongoing professional development and is a certified Executive Coach with Barefoot and is currently completing her Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching at Chester University.

Jane has a certificate in Systemic Team Coaching (AOEC) and is qualified to administer AOEC 360 Team Coaching Diagnostic. She has wide experience in 1:1 and leadership team coaching and draws on a wide range of psychological and leadership approaches in her work across a number of sectors, including large consultancy firms, not for profits, and Multi-National Corporate.



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