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Executive Coach & Consultant


Carolyn brings to her coaching practice the wealth of experience and perspectives she gained from more than 30 years as a senior executive, consultant, board member and angel investor. She has viewed leadership challenges from many angles and has lived them as an executive at PayPal, Fannie Mae and McKinsey & Company. She has worked with many different industries but gravitates towards those that are dependent on technology. Her passion is helping individuals and organizations lean in, adapt and thrive in disruptive times. She has led significant transformation efforts as a consultant, executive and board member. ​

As a coach, Carolyn partners with her clients to clarify their aspirations and goals, build essential leadership capabilities, overcome challenges and face the future with resiliency. In today’s rapidly changing world, Carolyn helps leaders develop the dexterity to push past comfort zones, conquer novel challenges and succeed in new environments. Her approach is both highly supportive and respectfully challenging, enabling leaders to gain new personal insights and enhanced motivation toward their goals. Carolyn is certified by the Hudson Institute of Coaching, where she trained, and the International Coaching Federation. ​

In addition to her coaching practice, Carolyn is an active angel investor and works extensively with founders of emerging companies on scaling their business, organization and leadership capabilities. She is a member of/associated with Endeavor, New World Angels, Florida Funders, FounderTrac, and the Horn Entrepreneurship Program. ​



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