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Founded in 2016, Aesara Partners works to maximise human potential by helping people be the best version of themselves. Through our understanding of and insight into the human nature of an individual, the roles they play and the systems in which they interact, we find the keys to unlock greater fulfilment and performance in individuals, teams and organisational cultures.


​Our inspiration comes from the Greek philosopher, Aesara of Lucania™, who wrote ‘On Human Nature’ sometime between 400 and 300 BC.The principles of Aesara’s ‘On Human Nature’ and her concept of ‘Natural Law’ are widely embedded in Psychology, Strategic Consultancy, Change Management and Executive Coaching. There is a serendipitous synergy with Aesara’s principles and the two psychological models we adopt to understand human nature. ​ We celebrate 2000 years of Aesara’s wisdom. ​



Realise human potential. Maximise business performance.

Together, we’re different.

Because of the eclectic mix of talented and experienced Executive Coaches and Consultants from across the globe, who choose to think, create and coach as a cooperative, it means that together, we’re different.​ By living our purpose, we support each other to be our best selves so that we can support our clients to be the best they can be and maximise human and business potential.​ We are passionate about encouraging this perspective in everything we do.


  • Conscious Leaders steward resilient organisations, leading with shared values to drive economic success, balanced with care and compassion for people and the planet. Conscious Leaders start with care and compassion for themselves.

  • Conscious Leaders lead with purpose-driven intention and persistent curiosity. They role model and inspire others to be purpose-driven, self-aware, self-learning and confident to realise their potential.

  • Conscious Leaders enable a positive expansive culture where individuals thrive in autonomous, borderless teams, innovating to deliver value.



Be true to yourself. Be true with others. We are stronger because – 'together we are different’.


Inside out, outside in. Listen generously, be curious and courageous to connect and learn. Grow with fresh perspectives and knowledge from outside.


Practice what you preach. Stretch yourself to be the best version of you. Hold each other accountable to best practice and personal ambitions. If you do something, do it well. Seek excellence. Take ownership.


Respect and value the time and energy of ourselves and others. Be grateful for shiny moments – celebrating, learning and recognising each other.


Be generous to yourself, and others, with compassion, time, knowledge and trust.




It is human nature to strive to be good and be appreciated by others

Our coaching builds on authentic strengths to find the best version of you, not to try to become ‘like’ someone else or to ‘fix oneself’. Through incremental shifts of change we can build on our strengths, polish the rough edges and ask for help to fill in any gaps.


It is human nature to be shaped as a person through our DNA, experience, beliefs and habits. 

Our coaching unlocks thoughts-feelings-behaviours to enable pragmatic change. We co-build resilience, the right mindset and behaviours which, together with simple tools and pragmatic action plans, unlock new levels of fulfilment and performance in people, teams and cultures.


It is human nature to

impact upon and

be impacted by others

Our coaching explores the dynamics of ‘person-role-system’ (PRS) to build trust and achieve change with the support of others. Whether exploring an individual’s stakeholder map, the trust dynamics of a leadership team, or the impact of culture and politics on the organisation, we work with the principles of ‘person-role-system’ to enable sustainable change.


It is human nature to

be complex and to find change challenging 

Our coaching draws on neuroscience, psychology and leadership insight to create 5-10 degree shifts of change. Through generous listening, curious questions and positive challenge we support individuals and organisations to bring about the small changes needed to make a big positive impact on function, wellbeing and effectiveness.


We are committed to supervision and the continued professional development of our Executive Coaches and Operational Team. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Quarterly external group supervision 

  • Bi-annual individual 1:1 reflection & planning session with a Director/ Founder 

  • Monthly group supervision 

  • Monthly 1 hour internal learning 

  • Shared internal learning and external learning at 3 off-sites

  • As required one-to-one support from qualified supervisors Psychotherapist Nell Montgomery and Clinical Psychologist Dr Susan Mistler

  • Scheduled training modules of interventions and frameworks 

  • Incentives to invest in own education and to share with colleagues  

  • A deep-dive topic from an external provider for all coaches annually 

Aesara Partners


Our aim is to integrate Aesara’s inclusive and social responsibility commitments into our policies, principles and business activities, taking into consideration the interests of our stakeholders including Partners, customers, employees, the community and the environment.  

We are committed to continuous improvement in our Inclusive & Social Responsibility. We aspire to be conscious leaders for a sustainable future when making decisions or taking actions, with particular commitments relating to:

  • Travel – where possible using a combination of video conference and face-to-face meetings as appropriate; where possible using our feet, bicycles, electric vehicles or trains rather than aeroplanes or non-electric vehicles  

  • Partnerships and purchasing goods and services – we are conscious of the sustainable practices of the provider 

  • Waste – sharing documents as PDFs rather than printing; proactive recycling and only using glass bottled tap water in offices; minimising non-recyclables.

  • Coaching in the community – inviting each Aesara Partner to donate 18 hours of 1:1 coaching to not-for-profit NGOs annually

  • Coaching bravery with our clients – to provoke and challenge themselves on their ambitions around how they live and lead their Corporate Purpose and Values, Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and how they integrate each of them into everything they do 



  • We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to the rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards of the United Kingdom where Aesara Partners Limited is incorporated. 

  • Aesara Partners Limited holds an organisation membership with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is bound by their code of ethics.

  • Aesara Partners supports and respects the protection of internationally-proclaimed human rights and aims to eliminate discrimination based on any grounds and promotes equality of opportunity for all.


Aesara Partners endeavours to ensure stakeholders have confidence in the decision-making and management processes of the service provided, by the conduct and professionalism of all staff. Aesara Partners do this by continually training, developing and supervising our operational team and executive coaches; we seek regular feedback on the coaching work delivered and, as appropriate, take action. 

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