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Executive Coach & Consultant


Jenny believes that to be an authentic leader, it is vital to bring your whole self to the role. She is inspired to bring this approach into her coaching, with a holistic style that identifies both the underlying and interrelated issues, opportunities and challenges being faced. Her background in senior commercial leadership as well as HR & corporate strategy brings a powerful combination of perspective and experience that enables her to deal with commercial pragmatism, people complexity as well as leadership pressure.

Jenny’s coaching style is warm and supportive, coachee-led and yet challenging. She sees the most productive change in self-belief, confidence and performance when coaching is tailored to the individual, in a safe environment. She uses a combination of classic coaching techniques, creative tools and imagery to unlock the different aspects of the unconscious and shift thinking. Her coaching style has been variously described as ‘positive’, ‘pragmatic’ and ‘empathetic’.

Jenny's corporate career spans over twenty years, two industries and several functions. Her career began at Syntegra, an IT consulting division of British Telecom. She switched industry into FMCG to join firstly L’Oréal in Marketing & Sales and then Danone where she has been for the last seventeen years. During her time at Danone, Jenny transitioned from a ten-year career in senior commercial leadership to HR leadership and then Strategic Governance. Most recently she headed up Learning & Development for Danone UK & Ireland. She has played a leadership role in successful business transformation projects, facilitated the roll-out of a new strategic direction and led the implementation of regionally aligned leadership competencies. Consequently, Jenny brings her own in-depth experience of change – between industries and functions, and organisational transformation – to her coaching practice.

Having completed an Internal Coaching Accreditation whilst at Danone, Jenny coached teams and supported team members to make positive progress with their personal development. She has a thorough appreciation of the complexities of corporate life, especially in relation to the challenges of returning to work post maternity and sabbatical.

Jenny is a Barefoot Certified Business and Personal Coach, an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), an Insights Discovery Practitioner and is Hogan Certified. She has over twelve years of coaching experience.



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