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Aesara Partners

We encourage our coaches to work together on topics that surface as poignant for our clients and the global business community. Each topic is researched with rigour and supported by current thinking from leadership, psychology and neuroscience. We showcase our Thought Leadership at the Aesara Breakfast Club and integrate the topics into Development and Culture Programmes, as well as hosting inspiration Presentations or Group Coaching sessions.

Our goal is a practical approach to the topics that can be shared in a variety of mediums to audiences of all levels: - 

  • Part of a 1:1 coaching journey 

  • 60-90 minute webinar presentation with Q&A 

  • Interactive 90-120 minute team/group learning session 

  • Part of a wider development, leadership or culture programme 


Know Thyself 

One thing has become very clear from our work at Aesara Partners – self-awareness is the new ‘superpower’ to navigate today’s world. It forms the foundations of the path towards becoming the most exceptional version of ourselves. What has also become clear is that there are surprisingly few leaders who have mastered it. 

All of us can hone our self-awareness to better meet the demands of our lives. We share insights and reflections and talk about the themes and also the surprises we’ve encountered in our coaching work with senior leaders around the world. 

Imposter Syndrome: On the journey from self-doubt to self-assurance 

This is an interactive presentation to demystify the topic of Imposter Syndrome and to work through those feelings of doubt, uncertainty and hesitation that can be so undermining at executive level. 

We will explore some of the underpinning theories, dig down to where the seeds of Imposter Syndrome begin and experiment with approaches that can be effective in alleviating it. 

The aim is to move on from the imposter voice of doubt and to believe in yourself as a powerful and successful individual. 

Self-Limiting Beliefs - Moving to a more intentional and confident mindset 

Our thoughts determine so much of our lives; our perceptions, our beliefs, our feelings and our behaviour. We treat our thoughts as if they were true, rarely questioning them or even being fully aware of their impact. 

What would you be able to do differently and who would you be if you were able to recognise and control your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs? 

Within this session, we explore how to interrogate these thoughts so you can operate from a healthier, more intentional and confident mindset. 


P.A.U.S.E.™ for Sustainable Resilience 

Stress is unbiased in its attack on generations, gender and culture. P.A.U.S.E.™ for Sustainable Resilience was developed from multi-generational research into the 5 truths of what underpins sustainable resilience of a human being.  It acknowledges that resilience is not about endurance and nor is it an issue for the individual to grapple with alone.   


P.A.U.S.E. for Resilience™ uses research, psychology and neuroscience to unpack the 5 critical pillars of resilience that empower the individual to support themselves and others. This session helps the person understand and own a personal roadmap for sustainable resilience.

P.A.U.S.E.™ for Situational Resilience  

P.A.U.S.E.™ for situational resilience emphasises a mindful and deliberate attitude towards shifting the rhythm and mindset of the existing situation, and creating resilience-oriented clarity, empowerment and action.


A pause is proposed to move from habitual ways of reaction that do not serve the individual/the team/the organisation to “what is the new norm” and “how do I make that work for me/us”. This is a pragmatic application of the P.A.U.S.E.™ tool to support tactically and in the moment of a VUCA storm. 

Return on Energy™ 

Teams and individuals can feel stretched and stressed by the pace and volume of everyday life. Companies scramble to respond with ‘empathetic’, ‘tactical’ solutions whilst shareholders demand leaner structures and continued growth to create a state of constant transformation. This is not sustainable.

R.O.E™ offers a pragmatic mindset and model to approach how we live and work in an empowered and resilient way. It is a simple model to help us manage our two most precious resources– time and energy. 


Leading with Purpose,

Inspiring Ownership


Understanding the critical relationship between values, purpose and ownership we unlock transformational leadership in ourselves and inspire intellectual and emotional commitment from others.

Gravitas and Impact

Exploring the research-based capabilities that underpin gravitas and impact, we start to create our own unique recipe to allow us to be the best version of ourselves.

Trust as the Glue and

Grease of Success

We explore the role of trust in a multi-generational workforce and how it is the glue that holds us together and the grease that helps us go faster and farther. This topic is of utmost relevance to the graduate in their early stages of navigating a career and to the CEO leading transformation. 


Thinking Partnerships

A structured way of thinking strategically with someone to get the best out of all parties involved, creating innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Empowerment on a Spectrum

Explore empowerment on a spectrum of preference to understand the default settings we need to manage that impact leadership success and of those we empower, by managing the nuance of empowerment as a unique contract between 2 or more people.

The Science and Art of Influence 


We explore human resistance to change through the art of influence as developed by Aristotle in ‘The Book of Rhetoric’. This is a refreshingly simple model for leaders to gain an advantage in their impact.


The Diversity and Inclusion Series


Addresses the behavioural, social and psychological drivers that underpin our ability to fully embrace a diverse and inclusive culture. The series starts with self-awareness and culminates with a competitive and exciting simulation to test what you have learned through the series.

Delivered in an interactive, digital environment, engaging diverse yet intimate groups of people from different levels of seniority, geography, function, culture and personality, this series of 90-minute modules is facilitated by an experienced executive coach in either Zoom or Webex. Fact sheets, relevant articles and research support the learning in each session, finishing with a call to personal action at the end of each one.

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