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Executive Coach & Consultant


Frank believes that the journey to creating a great leadership experience begins from within. He is passionate about supporting leaders whose emotional well-being and relationships are struggling, to sustainably maximise their professional potential. His coaching style is empathetic, incisive, and transformational and is aimed at engaging the whole self. ​

Frank is adept at helping identify and remove mental blockers, inspiring fresh and fearless innovative thinking using creative mediums such as poetry to unleash dormant creative energy. Joining the dots between apparently disjointed concepts or ideas and then articulating them succinctly to drive new strategies. Holding expansive thinking spaces guided by powerful questions to support unravelling complex conundrums. Rejuvenating and leveraging business relationships to ignite productivity.​

Frank has over 30 years leadership experience working in and managing IT project teams in the Retail, Entertainment, Banking, Criminal Justice and Not-For-Profit sectors. Later specialising in Agile Transformation Project Delivery & Project Recovery Specialist. He has coached clients from Banking, Retail, Communication, Broadcasting, Travel, Assets Management, Marketing, NHS, Military, Education and Coaching backgrounds. His clients range from entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, c-Suite Executives, Senior managers to Team leaders. He has coached clients in the US, South Africa, New Zealand and here in the UK. ​

Frank brings his myriad of experiences to the service of his clients in a truly shared learning environment, thereby creating an effective working alliance that delivers outstanding results. His main themes are include mindful leadership, resilience, well-being, harnessing universal flow for creative innovation, building confidence, navigating imposter syndrome, building better relationships and project recovery. This is achieved through powerful transformative conversations, reflections, tools, and exercises to drive sustainable transformative change through mastery of new perspectives and practices. ​

Frank is an ICF certified coach, speaker and published poet. His book DREAM showcases his unique coaching approach using poetry as part of powerful transformative conversations that fuse human psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness. He harnesses the power of words to awaken insight, and open doors of awareness that initiate transformation. He recently completed his Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching.



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