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Executive Coach & Consultant


After starting his career in the Diplomatic Service, Ming has had 15 years experience in management
consulting and corporate leadership. He worked across industries such as Financial Services, Industrial
Goods, Consumer Goods, IT and Government, with experience in strategy, M&A, sales operations,
product marketing, and industry development. Having led global teams, he delivered business results
with an ability to drive focus on the right opportunities, empowering others, building teams and fostering
a growth-oriented work culture.

Known for his strategic thinking, data-driven problem solving and effective communication, Ming is
passionate about driving organizational change and transformation. He loves learning and has a strong
curiosity about history, culture, shifts in the way we think, and personal identity. In particular, he enjoys
learning through the mosaic of connections he makes with the individual lives of others.

Ming works with senior leaders, helping executives make the transition from managing to leading,
learning how to make difficult choices, and build self awareness and resilience. He is direct, logical and
connects with a conversational style that is both empathetic and empowering. He has specific
experience coaching leaders in periods of organizational transition. In technology, he supported a
cohort of leaders as the organization moved from playing regional to global roles in the face of supply
chain disruptions. In the industrial goods space, he worked with the C-suite team through intergenerational ownership and CEO transitions.

Ming received his coaching training at the Collective Change Institute in Singapore and is an ICF
member. He holds a B.A from Brown University, USA, with majors in Economics, International Relations,
as well as History. He speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese



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