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Executive Coach & Consultant

Magda has been working as a professional coach and consultant on Leadership and Change since 2010.

It is probably not an overstatement to say that she is highly equipped for these turbulent and unsettling times. She inspires leaders to create the future instead of waiting for it to happen and catalyses them to fully show up as change makers, no matter their role in a company. With a penetrating understanding of human fabric, she assists clients to find meaning, agility, resilience and joy in “impossible” situations. She stirs them to create success beyond numbers, the kind that makes a real difference for all: clients, colleagues, company, community and... themselves.

Magda is a business professional first, priorly having had significant executive experience in an international environment (Central and Eastern Europe focused but also Turkey and Western Europe) in the areas of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Branding, Communication, with Mars and Procter & Gamble. In each coaching or consulting assignments she brings along solid business acumen, expertise in generating growth and craft in influencing across corporate layers, having managed complex P&Ls, teams and stakeholders.

As a coach and consultant, she has worked in several industries: Consumer Goods, Advertising & Media, BPO/SSC, Construction, Energy, IT, Supply Chain, Professional Services, Pharma, Private Equity, Retail, NGOs.

She developed several intervention frameworks: Leadership Accelerator, The Neuroscience of Change, Agility Booster, Corporate Intelligences of Transformation, Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Advertising to Millennials.

She is a polymath and has a great capacity to connect the dots and make complex things simple. Constant development, anticipating the future and an unapologetic drive for impact are part of the very fabric she is made of, not only professional skills. She constantly keeps up with latest research in performance psychology and neuroscience.

Magda holds two Masters: in Business Administration and International Trade from École Supérieure des Affaires de Grenoble and a B.Sc. in Psychology from Bucharest University. She has qualified in coaching with Noble Manhattan UK and Supercoach Academy USA and holds several other professional certifications.






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