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Co-Managing Partner Asia


With over 25 years of experience across broad areas in many countries, Stacy has experience as an international executive; military officer and Board officer. Her 30-year career had her living and working in 9 countries where she led regional infrastructure operations for a Fortune 50 firm in both Asia and India, Middle East & Africa.

In the Asian region, she transformed the team into an energized, high-performance organization that supported a 22% growth in the region with a reduction in operating costs while achieving a 91% employee engagement score. 
In her career she also led strategic planning for a defense business, been an investment banker, a professional staffer on the United States Senate Defence Appropriations Committee and was a commander in the U.S. Navy.  

Stacy’s approach to coaching blends her deep understanding of the strategic and commercial world, along with the inner mental game.  In combining these, she creates an environment in which individuals and teams can explore and reflect upon their leadership style, operating rhythm and mindset to develop new insights and approaches that result in positive change at a personal and organisational level. Her style is open and positive but challenging with a focus on practical outcomes. Stacy is currently coaching senior leaders in MNC, Banking and Start-Ups. 

She earned her Master’s degree from the American University in Washington DC, attended the US Navy War College where she studied National Security Decision Making and has undergraduate degrees in Economics and Chinese Studies. She trained as an executive coach with the Neuro-Leadership Institute, holds a PCC accreditation with ICE, is a certified Positive Intelligence Coach, PSM 1 Scrum master and to deliver Hogan & DISC assessments. She sits on the board of the USS Midway Foundation and is the deputy chairman of the Singapore Advisory Board of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Stacy specializes in developing and leading global expansion and offshoring of business; cultural transformation; leadership, strategic planning; government relations; CSR and branding.

Stacy is a member of the ICF, Women Company Directors, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.



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