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Executive Coach & Emerita Mental Health Professor


Amanda is established as an executive coach after a 35 year career as a specialist clinical psychiatrist and academic. She is an expert in emotional, cognitive, and behavioural change combining directional and innovative coaching techniques with psychological expertise. During her clinical career, she worked to improve the psychological wellbeing of those affected by cancer. She worked with individuals to manage their depression, anxiety, sexual & body image problems, and personal & professional relationship difficulties. Her patients included business leaders, royalty, politicians, and celebrities.

Amanda brings this clinical expertise into her coaching practice, supporting individuals to challenge their self-limiting beliefs & behaviours with a warm, pragmatic coaching style. She works with clients to build their personal effectiveness and to become more strategic in managing their relationships, especially at time of challenge. She particularly enjoys working with individuals who want to explore how previous vulnerability may be affecting their functioning in the workplace today.

Amanda has worked on a national level to develop policy frameworks to improve clinical teamwork and psychological services for those affected by cancer. She delivered group and individual communication skills training to senior clinicians. Her research is internationally recognised, including her work on reducing burnout and improving mental health amongst doctors.

Amanda has been a trustee for Macmillan & other national charities. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She receives regular 1:1 coaching supervision.



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