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LUCANIA™ is the transformation platform of Aesara Partners. It was created to support and enable sustainable behavioural transformation throughout the coaching process of individuals, teams, groups and cultures.


For the individual: Growth through self-awareness, experiential learning with high autonomy and accountability. 


For the organisation: Tailored to transformation scale needed with consistency, efficiency and measurability.

  • Our highly experienced executive coaches create unique learning experiences, delivered in video, virtually, in person or hybrid, creating autonomy and scale high-touch low-touch model.

  • Designed to your needs, scalable in low-to high-touch coach support, always using Aesara’s proven frameworks.

  • The presence of an executive coach is to inspire & provoke rather than teach and tell. Lucania™ kick starts the learning process. 

  • Lucania™ embeds learning for self-awareness, learning, practice, further reading and accountability across a wide variety of interactive assets and digital mediums.

  • Relevant for one-to-one coaching journeys, team coaching, development programmes and supporting Culture Transformation Programmes. 

  • When deployed at scale, the consistency of leadership language, tools and learning approach creates the cohesion for systemic transformation.

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Benchmark & Assessments

Peer & Internal Coaching

Small Group Supervision

Group Learn Modules


1:1 Coaching

Online Coach Feedback




Culture Campaigns


Micro videos

 Benchmark & Design 


Benchmarked Development

Self-awareness is underpinned by feedback, psychometrics and assessment tools. This, combined with one-to-one coaching with each participant at the beginning and end of the programme, provides a journey of continuous development and supervision, ensuring tangible outputs can be measured at the programme’s conclusion, including formal accreditation of the iLead with coaching programme. The cohort progress is also recorded on for HR/L&D reporting.


On location, in-person learning brings a depth of trust and intimacy. Virtual learning brings flexibility and enables rich geographic, functional and cultural diversity as part of an inclusive learning experience. Virtual learning requires shorter sessions with greater frequency and peer-coaching to build the intimacy. To ensure we understand and balance the business need and the cohort’s reality, our programmes are designed with L&D and HR professionals.


Stewarding your journey

Progress reporting on your homepage ensures you always know where you are on the journey and what is outstanding. Your program is accessible in chronological order, and includes a locker room for all of your work and the library containing the program's curated multi-media resources.


Technology-enabled autonomy

My Work, My Programme, My Library all ensure access to learn and practice when you want.

Feedforward is a unique application that is proven to accelerate the change process and the sustainable impact for both the individual and their stakeholders. Able to be launched by the participant when they feel they need to feedforward and elicit feedback. 

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