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Executive Coach & Consultant


Toya is an independent consultant who has been coaching teams and individuals since 1999. She worked at
Unilever International Training Center in London before becoming an independent consultant in 2003. She
has expertise in mental health and leadership development and has been delivering interventions focused on
mental health promotion at the individual, leadership, and organizational levels since 2018. Toya has coached
senior executives for over 20 years, and her desire to better understand the interface between the Non-Executive level (Board) and Executive Level (C’Level) led her to further explore the area of Corporate
Governance and Board Assessment & Development.

Toya encourages her clients to deepen their level of self-awareness to become more effective and fulfilled
while pursuing their career goals and life plans. She is also an Executive and Group Coach at INSEAD
Executive Coaches (IEC) at INSEAD, France, and was an Internal Coach at Unilever International Training
Center in London from 1999 to 2003. She also worked as an HR Business Partner at her family's business,
Translor/Ryder, in Brazil from 1999 to 2003.

Toya has a Certificate in "Dynamics at Board Level" from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, United
Kingdom (May 2017). She has an Executive Master in "Consulting and Coaching for Change" from INSEAD,
France (2010), for which she received a distinction for her thesis "From Individual Career Dilemma to Family's
Adaptive Challenge". She also has a Post-Graduation Diploma in Organizational Psychology "Organization &
Consultation: Psychoanalytical Approaches" from the Tavistock Clinic, United Kingdom (2002), a
Specialization Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry from São Paulo Federal University, Brazil (1996), and a Degree in
Occupational Therapy from PUCCAMP, Brazil (1994).



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