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We are delighted to announce that Magda Niculescu has joined Aesara Partners’ Executive Coaching and Consulting team as of November 2020. Aesara Partners is headquartered in the UK (London, Edinburgh) with offices in France (Paris, Lyon), Ireland (Dublin), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Melbourne), and the Americas (Boston, New York, Buenos Aires). Magda has run her independent Leadership and Change practice as an Executive Coach and Consultant for over a decade. Prior to this she built an international corporate career spanning 15 years in FMCG Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, with Procter and Gamble and Mars.

Magda commented: “I am delighted to join the Aesara team. We have been successfully collaborating since 2018 on different projects and I really value and share Aesara’s high professional standards, rigorous process and enthusiasm to design new and relevant coaching and change solutions.” She continued: “Aesara Partners have shown a real ability to innovate to support their clients through these difficult times with the introduction of P.A.U.S.E for resilience, crisis coaching clinics, virtual team coaching, Agile leadership programmes and scalable online transformation platforms. As a Partner I am extremely excited and proud to contribute to such an inspiring and diverse group of talented people from around the world.” Founding Partners; Jodie Gibbens, Nathalie Dassas and Nell Montgomery, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Magda into our team. She brings warmth, enthusiasm and strong knowledge and expertise in human behaviour and neurosciences. Her extensive experience and strategic mind make her a great asset to our team and expert coverage for Central and Eastern Europe.” Magda’s focus will be supporting clients embarking on transformation projects across Europe as well as bringing her experience to support partners’ projects in Asia and America. This is a consequence of the way of working brought about by the dissolving geographic boundaries from the virtual connectivity accelerated in 2020. As a professional coach she has worked with over 500 people from more than 40 companies, predominantly large corporations, as well as smaller professional service companies, entrepreneurs (start-ups and scale-ups) and NGOs. Assignments ranged from coaching General Managers and Managing Partners to fresh gen Y leaders, from individual leadership challenges to more complex cultural and transformation programs, company restructures and leadership programs. Magda is fascinated by the human mind and decoding the intimate mechanisms that make people productive and fulfilled.

MAGDA NICULESCU - BIOGRAPHY Magda has been working as a professional executive coach and consultant on Leadership and Change since 2010. She is passionate and well equipped to support leaders and businesses in these turbulent and unsettling times. She enables leaders to create the future and take full ownership to become impactful change makers. With a deep understanding of human nature, she helps her clients find meaning, agility, resilience and joy in “impossible” situations. She encourages leaders to achieve success beyond numbers, positively impacting stakeholders including their clients, colleagues, business, community and... themselves. Magda has strong business experience having worked in senior leadership roles in an international environment in the areas of Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, Branding, Communication, with Mars and Procter & Gamble. She brings solid business acumen, expertise in generating growth and craft in influencing across corporate layers, having managed complex P&Ls, teams and stakeholders. As a coach and consultant, she has worked in several industries: Consumer Goods, Advertising & Media, BPO/SSC, Construction, Energy, IT, Supply Chain, Professional Services, Pharma, Private Equity, Retail, NGOs. She developed several intervention frameworks: Leadership Accelerator, The Neuroscience of Change, Agility Booster, Corporate Intelligences of Transformation, Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Advertising to Millennials. She is a polymath and has an ability to connect the dots and make complex things simple. Constant development, anticipating the future and an unapologetic drive for impact are part of the very fabric she is made of. She constantly keeps up with latest research in performance psychology and neuroscience. Magda holds two Masters: one in Business Administration and another one in International Trade from École Supérieure des Affaires de Grenoble as well as B.Sc. in Psychology from Bucharest University. She qualified in executive coaching with Noble Manhattan UK and Supercoach Academy USA and holds several other professional certifications.


Realise human potential. Maximise business performance. Aesara Partners is a global executive coaching and transformation practice. We enable individuals, teams and cultures to realise potential. We harness clarity of thought and positive behavioural shifts through world class executive coaching. We deliver performance through transformation, with customised solutions that embed sustainable, self-learning, new habits, competencies and core confidence. Together, we’re different. Because of the eclectic mix of talented and experienced Executive Coaches and Consultants from across the globe, who choose to think, create and coach as a cooperative, it means that together, we’re different.​ By living our purpose, we support each other to be our best self, in order that we can support our clients to be the best they can be and maximise human and business potential.​ We are passionate about encouraging this perspective in everything we do.


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