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Aesara Partners is thrilled to announce the expansion of their footprint into Japan with the recent appointment of a seasoned executive coach.  

Spearheaded by Arif Iqball, an experienced and multifaceted executive coach whose extensive background enriches the existing capabilities of the Asia team. 


Arif possesses a wealth of expertise, with over a quarter-century in key roles across various sectors. His distinguished career includes his time as the Global Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Senior Vice President for Benesse, a major Japanese company traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, Arif has occupied leadership positions at internationally acclaimed corporations like Ford, Delphi, Avon, Becton Dickinson, and McCann WorldGroup, and holds Board experience in over 15 companies. With his comprehensive experience spanning multiple industries, Arif has developed a deep understanding of business transformation and large-scale leadership. This expertise is essential in leading clients and their teams through critical growth stages, making him a highly valuable asset to any team. 


Arif's coaching methodology is heavily informed by his diverse background, equipping him to skilfully guide clients through the intricacies of leadership and strategic business growth. His method emphasizes practical execution and teamwork, ideally situating him to assist senior executives in improving their leadership skills. This includes navigating intricate organisational frameworks, promoting interdepartmental cooperation, and breaking down internal obstacles to foster a positive work environment that benefits both individuals and their collective teams. 


Residing in Japan since 1999, Arif is a US Citizen originally from Pakistan. He has extensive experience in various markets across Asia, Europe, and the United States, and can coach in English, Japanese and Urdu. 

He holds the title of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a Certified Integral Coach®. His coaching acumen is further augmented by qualifications from institutions like Marshall Goldsmith, Korn Ferry, Aletheia Coaching, and the Neuroleadership Institute. He is also a Hogan advanced certified practitioner. 


We eagerly anticipate connecting more clients with Arif and are excited about the continuous expansion of our consultancy.  


Arif said "I am thrilled to join the esteemed team of coaches at Aesara, a group renowned for their exceptional expertise and generosity of spirit. Embracing the ethos that 'a man's reach should exceed his grasp,' I am eager to not only assist Aesara's clients in surpassing their highest expectations, but also to continuously expand my own horizons and expertise. Together, we will strive for the extraordinary, always reaching beyond the immediate to achieve what may initially seem beyond our grasp. This journey of mutual growth and relentless pursuit of excellence is what I am most excited about." 


Stacy McCarthy and Jean-Yves Broussy, co-managing partners Asia said that they warmly welcome Arif to the firm and will be working closely with him to bring the practical, strategic, and business approach to coaching to their clients in Japan and added "Aesara Partners coaches have built great trust and partnerships with our clients globally through individual coaching, team coaching and leadership programmes. This has led to a natural growth of our work across the Asian region. It is now time to expand our support of our clients to and from Japan. Arif with his dual experience with Multinational and Japanese companies is uniquely placed to support our clients in both Japan and globally”. 


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