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Aesara Partners is delighted to announce that Thoby Solheim has joined its team of UK based executive coaches. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Thoby had a tenured and successful career in investment banking in London and Johannesburg. Starting his career as a sales trader with Robert Fleming in London in 1994, Thoby moved to Johannesburg in 1999 to join Deutsche Bank where for many years he managed the largest single trading book in the South African stock market. In 2005 Thoby joined Macquarie in Johannesburg, a new entrant to the South African market, as a founding divisional director, head of sales and trading and a member of the management committee. During Thoby’s tenure at Macquarie the South Africa team became number one ranked for research globally and its revenue grew five-fold in only four years despite the GFC.

Thoby’s energetic, adventurous and empathetic coaching style is designed to help his coachees achieve their goals. Thoby has experienced first-hand the extreme demands of a competitive career and draws on that experience in his coaching conversations.

Now in his ninth year as an executive coach Thoby prides himself on the deep relationships that he forms as a coach, the privileged position he occupies as a coach, and the results his clients have been able to achieve when they set ambitious goals.

“I believe that coaching is an effective form of peer-to-peer change technology enabling sustainable professional and personal transformation at individual and team level” says Thoby.

Aesara Founding Partner, Nell Montgomery is thrilled to welcome Thoby to the bench, ‘Thoby’s varied and tenured experience both as a coach and as a senior finance professional will no doubt see him thrive as a coach at Aesara. His many years working in South Africa adds another perspective and series of capabilities to our coach bench and he brings a deep understanding of working in a culturally diverse environment. We are very much looking forward to working with Thoby.’

Norwegian born, raised in the UK, Thoby then spent much of his adult life in South Africa. He now lives with his family in the Scottish Borders where he continues to enjoy riding mountain bikes and motorcycles through the wilds of Scotland. He has Masters in History from the University of Cambridge and Masters in Management Coaching (cum laude) from the Graduate School of Business, Stellenbosch University.


THOBY SOLHEIM – BIOGRAPHY m. +44 7946464185

Thoby works with ambitious professionals transitioning in role (complexity, seniority, industry) who value working with a non-judgemental, empathetic, energetic Thinking Partner. Grounded in a relationship of trust, building the muscles of reflective practice and fluent in the systemic complexity of competitive global corporate, Thoby can co-create breakthrough thinking and action with coachees. Thoby is well known for asking the question: “What more do you want to achieve?” He is not well known for encouraging clients to play a “safety shot”.

His career started as an emerging markets salestrader in London working for investment banking giants Robert Fleming, Deutsche Bank, & HSBC, rising to a Divisional Director, Head of Sales & Trading and Board Member at Macquarie Securities South Africa. He has worked in two of the number one rated global teams for product and, supported by an exceptional leadership team, built a third globally number one rated team from scratch.

Thoby is a full time WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) who draws on his experience of 20 years in investment banking and a rigorous programme of coach education to champion, support and challenge his clients in pursuit of their most ambitious goals. He has coached professionals of all levels in Africa, UK & US for the past 8 years. Thoby serves as a NED at a UK HealthTech and a Board Advisor in a US FinTech.

His clients would describe him as realistically optimistic, hugely energetic, excitable, adventurous, empathetic, a great listener, strong on action and accountability, highly experienced in the leadership demands of a high-performing corporate, and able to manage the needs of the coachee and the business to help the coachee achieve his/her goals.

Thoby holds a Masters in Management Coaching (cum laude), is a certified Time to Think Coach, a WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™), a Thomas International DISC practitioner, is committed to an ongoing CPD and regularly receives coach supervision.


Realise human potential. Maximise business performance.

Aesara Partners is a global executive coaching and transformation practice.

We enable individuals, teams and cultures to realise potential. We harness clarity of thought and positive behavioural shifts through world class executive coaching. We deliver performance through transformation, with customised solutions that embed sustainable, self-learning, new habits, competencies and core confidence.

Together, we’re different. Because of the eclectic mix of talented and experienced Executive Coaches and Consultants from across the globe, who choose to think, create and coach as a cooperative, it means that together, we’re different.​ By living our purpose, we support each other to be our best self, in order that we can support our clients to be the best they can be and maximise human and business potential.​ We are passionate about encouraging this perspective in everything we do.


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