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We are thrilled to announce that Jen Shap has joined Aesara Partners Executive Coaching and Consulting Team in America.  ​

A celebrated public speaker, as well as America’s Top facilitator of #Iamremarkable (a global movement to advance self-promotion skills for women and underrepresented groups). She is a long-time lead of Google’s Women@ NYC community, overseeing strategy and programming. 

Jen’s curious and whole person approach to coaching executives enables her to create a secure and lively space for impactful inquiry, co-creation, and creativity with her clients. She is passionate about enabling leaders to find their authentic voice, value, and volition and believes that coaching is truly transformative when “the best of who we are” becomes “how we lead.” Having spent the last ten years designing and facilitating leadership programs at Google with a focus on leadership, executive presence, culture, and community, Jen is expertly placed to work with clients on leadership vision, team effectiveness and change management.

Jen brings invaluable strategy and development expertise in technology, advertising & sales to her coaching work, having been at the epicentre of digital business transformation. At Google for the last two decades, she has led Sales and Business Development with Fortune 500 clients across leading industries and agency holding companies where she has built and executed transformational programs and growth plans.  As an early entrant into ad tech, Jen has created a series of “firsts” to drive culture change and navigate the complexity of ever-changing business models.

Founder, Nell Montgomery confirms she is ‘delighted’ to have Jen join the Aesara team. “Jen brings impressive technology, ad tech and advertising industry expertise, a passion for diversity and supporting women as leaders, as well as a curious and intelligent warmth to her coaching work. Aesara is lucky to have found her.”

Jen trained as an Executive Coach through the Hudson Institute of Coaching and is a member of ICF. She graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Theatre Arts. She currently lives in New York.


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