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Working with the expertise of Pepal across many developing markets, together with NGOs and global corporations, we inspire and develop the leader within, whilst finding simple solutions to big social issues.

Collaboration is at the heart of these unique long term projects which are aligned with complex social issues that struggle to move forward without the experience, energy and focus of business leaders working with NGOs to use their respective skills to co-create a way forward.


With teams on the ground in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and an understanding of both the corporate and NGO sectors, Pepal ensures the best fit between their collaborators for long term success. They undertake research, meetings, interviews and workshops to clarify and develop the vision for a potential project and identify the best fit for their collaborators, looking to achieve sustainable and scalable solutions.


Through leadership training programmes delivered by Aesara Partners world-class faculty of executive Coaches, the programmes inspire change both in the participants and the projects which continues to impact throughout their future global careers and the organisations in which they lead.

Click here to download Conscious Leadership with Social Impact case study

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