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When an adverse situation disrupts you and your teams, how do you position

yourselves to respond powerfully and thrive successfully?

We propose a P.A.U.S.E.®

When an unexpected critical challenge strikes it can often leave us feeling thrown off-balance

and out-of-control - particularly if the day to day was already a heavy load. With

resources quickly diverted to crisis-management, most of us operate from sub-optimal

capacities and mindsets. Adversity-triggered disruption can pervade us and our teams in

complex ways. Without the support to pause and reflect on how we respond, we run the

risk of reacting, and swiftly feeling overwhelmed, fearful or disengaged.

P.A.U.S.E.® for Situational Resilience is designed to partner you and your teams in

achieving resilience-oriented clarity, empowerment and action. Our intended impact for you

is a powerful pivot to confront the stressors, enabling you and your teams to respond adaptively and rejuvenate collectively to the adversity faced.

Delivered in a stand alone 1.5 - 2 hour 1:1 session by video conference with an Aesara

Executive Coach, or as a team session over 3-4 hours, this intervention is designed for in

the moment support. It is underpinned by a series of practical tools for each of the

P.A.U.S.E. which can be used by the individual in future to regain a sense of control when

chaos ensues.


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