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Know Thyself 


One thing has become very clear from our work at Aesara Partners – self-awareness is the new ‘superpower’ to navigate today’s world. It forms the foundations of the path towards becoming the most exceptional version of ourselves. What has also become clear is that there are surprisingly few leaders who have mastered it. All of us can hone our self-awareness to better meet the demands of our lives. We will share their insights and reflections and talk about the themes and also the surprises we’ve encountered in our coaching work with senior leaders around the world. 


Imposter Syndrome: On the journey from self-doubt to self-assurance 

MARCH 2020

This is an interactive presentation to demystify the topic of Imposter Syndrome and to work through those feelings of doubt, uncertainty and hesitation that can be so undermining at executive level. We will explore some of the underpinning theories, dig down to where the seeds of Imposter Syndrome begin and experiment with approaches that can be effective in alleviating it. The aim is to move on from the imposter voice of doubt and to believe in yourself as a powerful and successful individual. 

P.A.U.S.E. for Resilience 


Stress impacts children and adults alike. Stress is unbiased in its attack on generations, gender and culture. Stress is on national health agendas world-wide. Current solutions employing both at home and in the workplace are not changing the trajectory of the current resilience crisis. We now know that resilience is not just an issue for the individual to grapple with alone. Resilience is systemic, community and family based. Physical resilience is just one piece of the puzzle. 

P.A.U.S.E. for Resilience comes from a different perspective. Using research, psychology and neuroscience we unpack the 5 critical pillars of resilience that empower the individual to support themselves and others. We enable companies positively build cultures that nurture sustainable resilience. 

Leading with Purpose, Inspiring Ownership

MARCH 2019

Understanding the critical relationship between values, purpose and ownership we unlock transformational leadership in ourselves and inspire intellectual and emotional commitment from others.

Gravitas and Impact


Exploring the research-based capabilities that underpin gravitas and impact, we start to create our own unique recipe to allow us to be the best version of ourselves.

Return on Energy 

MARCH 2017

Teams and individuals feel stretched and stressed by the pace and volume of everyday life. Companies scramble to respond with ‘empathetic’ ‘tactical’ solutions whilst shareholders demand leaners structures and continued growth creating a state of constant transformation.  This is not sustainable.

ROE offers a pragmatic mindset and model to approach how we live and work in an empowered and resilient way. It is a simple model to help us manage our two most precious resources– time and energy. 


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