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Aesara Partners Celebrates The Appointment Of Katherine Twaddell To Their Team Of Executive Coaches

Aesara Partners is delighted to announce that Katherine Twaddell is joining their London team of Executive Coaches and Consultants.

Over the past fifteen years, Katherine has coached more than five hundred senior leaders in over thirty countries. She has lived and worked in six of those countries, most recently Singapore for eighteen years. Her approach weaves together business acumen, global experience and extensive training in psychodynamics and psychometrics (qualified to use MBTI, Insights, GELM, LAQ, LVI and HBDI). She has a particular strength in bringing her own humanity and vulnerability to support leaders to connect with their own authentic selves in order that they better thrive in today’s complex world.

Having lived within so many different cultures and geographies, Katherine is particularly interested in the challenges facing executives in an increasingly globalised and diversified world. In addition to her work with Aesara Partners, Katherine is a regular contributor at INSEAD and IMD where she coaches in both their open enrollment and company-specific programmes.

Prior to training as an Executive Coach at INSEAD, France and at the University of Derby in the UK, Katherine worked in financial media for Institutional Investor, Fortune Magazine and CNN and spent the previous decade in Singapore as a successful entrepreneur and was a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women for Asia Pacific in 2001.

“We feel very proud that Katherine is bringing her broad experience and deep understanding to Aesara’s team,” remarks Founding Partner, Jodie Gibbens, “not just across different countries but in the work she has done in two of the world’s leading business schools.”

Katherine reflects on her new career move, “I love what I call ‘the Aesara curiosity’. It’s infectious. I now work with this amazing group of coaches, sharing and learning together with a collective mission to strengthen and improve ourselves and to bring that learning to our clients.”

Founding Partners Jodie Gibbens, Nathalie Dassas and Nell Montgomery are keen to reinforce how important diversity is to Aesara’s ecosystem. Jodie commented “Katherine’s life experience brings something very special to our team. We believe passionately that it is through our diversity that we continue to challenge ourselves and unlock fresh insights

into leadership and resilience. This ensures that we - with our clients – stay relevant and impactful in this changing world in which we live, love and lead.”


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