Our mission is simple - to enable you to be the best version of yourself.

We live and work in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times. We listen first to understand you, your values and your reality. Then we use trusted frameworks to challenge and shape the path to your desired future.

Collectively our Partners and Associates have decades of experience both in executive coaching and as board level leaders themselves working in multiple sectors across global markets.

Aesara coaches have all been senior leaders and appreciate the need for coaching frameworks to be as simple and pragmatic as possible - so these frameworks become part of day-to-day reality.

Aesara Partners offers a range of focused services that unlock the potential of people, teams and cultures to maximise business performance.

We draw on leadership, psychology and neuroscientific research to ensure the greatest impact from our frameworks and tools, which we customise to your specific needs.


Aesara Partners was founded on the   principles of Greek philosopher Aesara of Lucania.  She wrote  On Human Nature between c. 400 300BC which explored the philosophy of the Tripartite  Soul and The Natural Law that governs humanity.

Our belief is that with insight into the nature of the individual, the roles they play and the systems in which they interact, we can better understand how to be the best version of ourselves.

Through executive coaching, diagnostics and consulting, we enable quality insights within the space to think, choose and create sustainable change for high performance.

On Human Nature and The Natural Law are models widely embedded in Psychology, Strategic Consultancy, Change Management and Executive Coaching.

We work from these two foundation models to understand human nature and unlock potential through executive coaching.

We celebrate Aesara’s 2000 years of wisdom.