Lucania Product Owner


Natasha Goslett, more commonly known as Tash, officially joined the APL team in October 2021 to spearhead the development and growth of our digital application - Lucania.​

After graduating University with majors in Communication, Marketing and Strategic Management, Tash worked around the world before pursuing her passion in technology. In 2020, she was tasked to project manage the newly founded Lucania application before moving internally just over a year later. She uses her experience and knowledge to fuel her innovation in creating a space where people and technology come together. It’s not only what the application can offer but, and more importantly, what each user gains from it.​

Tash and her team’s focus is on understanding our stakeholder requirements and translating them in a way that not only aligns with Aesara’s strategy but exceeds our end user’s expectations. She prides herself on her organisation, communication and solution driven mindset and is determined to translate this through the long-term success and sustainable use of Lucania.​


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.