Executive Coaching

xecutive coaching

Our coaching frameworks use research-based psychological, business and interpersonal tools, combined with leadership experience to unleash a client’s full potential.

Individual coaching

We offer individual coaching to professionals, offering them space to think and reflect, to help unleash their potential and achieve all that they are capable of.

Our process, following a briefing from the business:

  • A chemistry meeting to select the optimal coach and coachee combination.
  • A briefing from the line manager and then typically six three-hour one-to-one coaching sessions or nine two-hour one-to-one sessions
    over 6-12 months.
  • A 360 Degree-stakeholder review is often recommended in the early stages

Board, team and group coaching

We work with teams, groups and boards to help them improve the dynamic, efficiency, and performance of their teams to achieve clear business objectives.

  • We carry out a full diagnostic through a series of one-to-one interviews and online questionnaires and psychometrics to assess
    the opportunities and challenges for the business, the team and the individuals.

We design a tailored intervention to meet the specific requirements of a team. The role of the coach is to allow a team to identify
their own solutions for their business and team challenges, thus creating full ownership and accountability.

Authentic Leadership development

  • Great leaders develop their own and unique leadership style. We support leaders to develop their self-awareness and leverage their strengths to help them become the best version of themselves. Authentic leadership is about defining your own personal brand clarifying what you really want from your career and life, how you want to be seen and what impact you want to have.

Crisis coaching

  • We support leaders and organisations when crisis hits an individual or the system and work with you to provide an immediate coaching response to offer support for the people impacted. We have access to some of the highest-quality experts to support this service.


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