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We deliver performance through transformation, with customised solutions

that embed sustainable self-learning, new habits, competencies and core confidence. 

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Whether CEO, HR Director or High Potential Talent, we listen first to understand your reality and co-create the way forward together. We use trusted frameworks to challenge and shape the path to your desired future. Our process is measurable and proven.  Our approach is pragmatic and flexible to your needs.  We bring deep expertise in virtual, in person, high tech and experiential solutions for individuals, teams and groups.


Individual Coaching 

We enable leaders to be more conscious and fulfil their potential.  We promote increased self-awareness, build on current strengths and expose development areas and limiting beliefs thereby allowing the space to grow.

Individual Coaching Process:

  • HR / line manager briefing on goals   

  • 360 Insight (Interview or digital) to benchmark and build self-awareness   

  • Psychometric for self-understanding 

  • 18 hours over 6-9 months, virtual or in person, 60-180 minutes / session

  • Feedforward via Lucania platform 

  • Recommended mid/end check-in with HR and line manager 

Tactical Coaching 

Individual sessions to support a specific issue such as a critical presentation, a specific interpersonal dynamic or junior high potential on a focused feedback point.


Crisis Coaching 

Immediate expert response to support a leader or business in a crisis.  Examples might be a death, burn out, break down, localized political threat, family trauma.  We have access to some of the highest-quality experts to support this service.  There is no commitment of hours; it is unique to each situation. 


Virtual Coaching Clinics

Working within an agreed budget, a curated group of coaches (Geography, Language, Experience) are selected to support a team or group of employees who can privately register for a 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions with a coach.  Booked a week in advance, this is designed for virtual session to support a business experiencing wide scale systemic challenge, such as where the resilience of the team is as risk of being compromised.



Supervision is offered as a service for Internal Coaches and Centers of Excellence and to support sustainable learning and skills development of leaders as part of many of Aesara’s Development Programmes,   


We work with teams and boards to improve dynamics, efficiency and performance.  The power of team coaching is building trust through consistency and accountability whilst working on live business and interpersonal topics. This is underpinned by rigorous diagnostics and measurement which accelerates performance of the individuals, the team and the business. 












Fully virtual Phase 1 of a HPLT Journey example (over 3 months) 


This approach combines the depth of management consultancy with the pragmatism of coaching and the agility of Design Thinking to create powerful breakthrough strategies that are:

  • borne from the collective intelligence of the leadership team, creating ownership

  • practices unbiased decision making for bold high conviction choices 

  • supported by external insight and challenge, ensuring credibility and innovation  

  • used to engage the entire organisation and stakeholders, with impact 

  • Accelerated by drawing on the principles of Design Thinking 




360° Leadership Insights
Through confidential interviews or an online survey, a 360° Leadership Insight reveals how we are perceived by stakeholders and our impact as a leader on others. 


Strategic Analysis Through Bespoke Surveys
Qualitative and quantitative diagnostic surveys are designed to support the team coaching and transformation process, exploring topics such as climate of a culture, the opportunities and challenges of a business, the strengths and weaknesses of a team as well as the motivations and frustrations of the individual.


Leadership Values Construct 

Designed by a Consultant Clinical Psychology Dr Julie Stokes M.B.E, the Values Construct efficiently and rigorously reveals a gap analysis of values and triggers as a leader.  This can be completed online or with a coach. 


iLEAD Competency Assessment 

Benchmark against Aesara’s 12 Leadership Competencies using a rating on a “good day” and a “bad day” under pressure.  This can be tailored to a company’s internal competencies. 



A unique tool enabling sustainable behaviour change, Feed Forward resets the perception of stakeholders to be more aware of the progress being made, rather than defaulting to their preconceived beliefs. 


Temperature Checks

Regular measurement of team fundamentals (Trust, Empowerment, Motivation, Energy) and the agreed Mindset & Behaviours is essential to hold the team accountable and focused on the right things. 



Aesara coaches are accredited in many leading world class psychometric tools. Each offers an opportunity to explore the individual self, group and team dynamics. We work with our clients to determine the most relevant tool to your culture and business need.

  • Hogan 

  • Insights® Discovery

  • TEIQue

  • Positive Intelligence and Saboteurs
    Clarity 4D



Over two decades, we have designed and delivered tailored development programmes for executive leadership and high potential talent.  

We focus on creating long term sustainable development in participants, giving them the confidence, competence and tools to support them long after the programme concludes.


We have found through experimentation and pushing boundaries how to create meaningful, sustainable development in someone.  Our 8-part Programme framework is the foundation of the design.   The content is tailored to the needs of the cohort and the leadership development goals, in support of the organisation’s ambitions.


1. Keep it Relevant.

Everyone learns at a different pace and with different preferences.  We all develop most effectively in 5-10° shifts. 

Our programmes embrace difference and flexibility to make the experience relevant to diverse learning preferences, and always respects demanding schedules.  On location, in person learning brings a depth of trust and intimacy. Virtual learning brings flexibility and enables rich geographic, functional and cultural diversity as part of an inclusive learning experience. Virtual learning requires shorter sessions with greater frequency and peer-coaching to build the intimacy. 

To ensure we understand and balance the business need and the cohort’s reality, our programmes are designed with L&D and HR professionals, supported by diagnostics and technology to find balance of autonomy, accountability and connection in each programme.  

2. Keep it Simple.

Time and again, the simplicity of an idea is what makes it inspiring. 

Our learning process is designed on neuroscientific principles, to ensure a clear focus on one learning goal at a time, embedded through multiple mediums.

3. Keep it Real.

We inspire and provoke rather than teach and tell. 


We are nurturing conscious leaders, who thrive from pragmatic, experiential learning that can be adapted immediately to their day to day reality.  


We create self awareness in the individual, give them the space for choice and then build their competence and confidence to realise potential. 



We encourage our coaches to work together on topics that surface as poignant for our clients and the global business community. 

Each topic is researched with rigour and supported by current thinking from leadership, psychology and neuroscience.  We showcase our Thought Leadership at the Aesara Breakfast Club and integrate the topics into Development and Culture Programmes, as well as hosting inspiration Presentations or Group Coaching sessions.

Our goal is a practical approach to the topics that can be shared in a variety of mediums: - 

  • Part of a 1:1 coaching journey 

  • 60-90 minute webinar presentation with Q&A 

  • Interactive 90-120 minute team/group learning session 

  • Part of a wider development, leadership or culture programme 

What follows is a selection of our current Thoughts Leadership Topics. We are able to develop to a brief if there is a specific topic you would like to address. To see the full catalogue please contact


Know Thyself Plato

One thing has become very clear from our work at Aesara Partners – self-awareness is the new ‘superpower’ to navigate today’s world. It forms the foundations of the path towards becoming the most exceptional version of ourselves. What has also become clear is that there are surprisingly few leaders who have mastered it. 

All of us can hone our self-awareness to better meet the demands of our lives. We will share their insights and reflections and talk about the themes and also the surprises we’ve encountered in our coaching work with senior leaders around the world. 


Return on Energy 

Teams and individuals feel stretched and stressed by the pace and volume of everyday life. Companies scramble to respond with ‘empathetic’ ‘tactical’ solutions whilst shareholders demand leaners structures and continued growth creating a state of constant transformation.  This is not sustainable.

ROE offers a pragmatic mindset and model to approach how we live and work in an empowered and resilient way. It is a simple model to help us manage our two most precious resources– time and energy. 


Imposter Syndrome: On the journey from self-doubt to self-assurance 

This is an interactive presentation to demystify the topic of Imposter Syndrome and to work through those feelings of doubt, uncertainty and hesitation that can be so undermining at executive level. 

We will explore some of the underpinning theories, dig down to where the seeds of Imposter Syndrome begin and experiment with approaches that can be effective in alleviating it. 

The aim is to move on from the imposter voice of doubt and to believe in yourself as a powerful and successful individual. 


Self-Limiting Beliefs - Moving to a more intentional and confident mindset 

Our thoughts determine so much of our lives; our perceptions, our beliefs, our feelings and our behaviour. We treat our thoughts as if they were true, rarely questioning them or even being fully aware of their impact. 

What would you be able to do differently and who would you be if you were able to recognise and control your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs? During this short webinar we explore how to interrogate these thoughts so you can operate from a healthier, more intentional and confident mindset. 

Participants will need to engage with some disclosure to get the most value out of these sessions by: 

  • Identifying some negative or self-limiting thoughts in advance of the session 

  • Providing 3 questions for reflection

If you can do this then you are ready for the workshop 


P.A.U.S.E. for Resilience 

Stress impacts children and adults alike. Stress is unbiased in its attack on generations, gender and culture. Stress is on national health agendas world-wide. Current solutions employing both at home and in the workplace are not changing the trajectory of the current resilience crisis. 

We now know that resilience is not just an issue for the individual to grapple with alone. Resilience is systemic, community and family based. Physical resilience is just one piece of the puzzle. 

P.A.U.S.E. for Resilience comes from a different perspective. Using research, psychology and neuroscience we unpack the 5 critical pillars of resilience that empower the individual to support themselves and others. We enable companies positively build cultures that nurture sustainable resilience. 


Gravitas and Impact

Exploring the research-based capabilities that underpin gravitas and impact, we start to create our own unique recipe to allow us to be the best version of ourselves.


Leading with Purpose, Inspiring Ownership

Understanding the critical relationship between values, purpose and ownership we unlock transformational leadership in ourselves and inspire intellectual and emotional commitment from others.

Empowerment on a Spectrum

Explore empowerment on a spectrum of preference to understand the default settings we need to manage that impact leadership success and of those we empower, by managing the nuance of empowerment as a unique contract between 2 or more people.


Thinking Partnerships

A structured way of thinking strategically with someone to get the best out of all parties involved, creating innovative and pragmatic solutions.

The Science and Art of Influence 

We explore human resistance to change through the art of influence as developed by Aristotle in ‘The Book of Rhetoric’. This is a refreshingly simple model for leaders to gain an advantage in their impact.

TRUST as the Glue and Grease of Success

We explore the role of trust in a multi-generation workforce and how it is the glue that holds us together and the grease that helps us go faster and farther. This topic is of utmost relevance to the graduate in their early stages of navigating a career and to the CEO leading transformation. 



The Aesara Breakfast Club was created as a space to learn and think together addressing the most relevant leadership topics of the day.  Each Breakfast Club is hosted over 90 minutes as an interactive session.  We bring our thought leadership on each topic to provoke discussion and enrich the thinking with input from clients all over the world. 


Launched in London in 2017, The Aesara Breakfast Club is regularly hosted in Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York and Boston and in 2020 (without the croissants) virtually on zoom.   

These sessions have been privately hosted by clients for their internal audiences, and by leading international organisations like 100 Women in Finance and Young Presidents Organisation.

Executive Coaching
Team Coaching
Strategy Coaching
Development Programmes

Some examples of when to team coach:   

  • Accelerate onboarding of a new leader into a team / business

  • Poor engagement scores from the team or wider business

  • Significant change agenda

  • Culture transformation

  • Pivot or renew vision and strategy

  • Turn around a persistently declining business

  • Competitive or regulatory shift that requires a shift in mindset and approach

  • Upskilling the leadership capability and confidence

Phase 1: Design

strategic framework 

Combining in-depth interviews with existing research and analysis our consultants define a bespoke strategic framework to create the conditions for courageous conversations between the various stakeholders across a variety of business critical issues

  • Nature of activities

  • Geographical footprint

  • Client segmentation

  • Innovation strategy

  • Target operating model

  • Governance & Risk Management

  • CSR, D&I, Sustainability

  • Leadership, Talent & Culture

Phase 2: Assessment of 

strategic choices 


  • Challenges common views to surface the radical choices, enabling unbiased decisions rather than consensus by default

  • Identify areas of misalignment and uncertainty with qualitative rationale around key strategic choices

Phase 3: Collective intelligence workshop

  • Collective debate around areas of misalignment or uncertainty to enable strategic choices

  • Bold Choices. One team. One voice

  • Story-telling methodology to communicate the strategy and emotionally engage organisation and key stakeholders

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