Leadership programmes

eadership programmes
We work with organisations globally to support transformation by developing coaching-based programmes that address specific challenges and opportunities around leadership culture and change.


iLEAD is a framework that supports sustainable organisation development

Given the changing socio, techno and economic dynamics, and the new reality of leading and developing Millennials and Gen-Z as they enter the market place, more than ever leaders need a foundation of coaching skills to lead in an authentic and impactful way. iLead builds on the three core coaching competencies (generous listening, open questions and challenge with positive intent), and is then tailored to the specific leadership development needs of the organisation.

1. Individual confidence and competency in leadership underpinned by the foundation of coaching skills

2. Self Awareness for Authentic Leadership, benchmarked individually and as a leadership team / group

3. Cultural evolution through consistent behaviours and language across the organisation

The programme is conducted in two phases:

Phase I 9-12 month Leadership Development Journey

Phase II Leadership Modules tailored to business and individual needs, building sustainable change and internal capabilities.

Structure: Groups of 5-20 which build greater trust through shared understanding, language and ways of working