Robert Yeo

Executive Coach & Consultant


Having spent 22 years in finance, notably as a Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director for Morgan Stanley both in New York and in London, Robert is at his best working with clients on the objective analysis and evaluation of issues, and resulting strategic options in the service of enhanced decision-making and of powerful follow-on execution. In this context, Robert is particularly effective with clients needing to make a positive impact in a new role quickly, executives contemplating an in-depth transformation of their business, the development of leadership skills and supporting executives preparing for a new position with greater responsibilities.

Robert brings to his coaching work his experience of the highs and lows of a career in global finance. He is proud of having built and developed several top-performing teams and of having contributed to returning the Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Division to healthy growth. Less positive experiences but tremendous learning opportunities include hearing from the administrators that staff at Enron Europe no longer had jobs and having to oversee a 25% cut in the Fixed Income staff of Morgan Stanley. Robert knows about making tough calls in turbulent times, delivering crucial improvement in financial performance, and overseeing significant business change. Robert’s coaching work therefore leverages his track record of having worked in complex, fast-paced commercial businesses and of having gained first-hand experience of the complexities and issues professionals face today. Robert learnt to thrive in the face of volatility and unpredictability; he understands the pressure to continuously “do”. Last but not least, having been recognised during his corporate years for his commitment to diversity, Robert enjoys working with female leaders on their unique leadership footprint.

Clients mention Robert’s pragmatic coaching style, which leverages stories and insights from his financial career. Collaborative but also appropriately challenging, his focus is on actionable insights, outcome-driven applications and productive, lasting results. Clients describe Robert as a “trusted sounding board”, and one recommends him as the partner for “anybody determined to make a change and to engage constructively.”

Robert graduated from the Meyler Campbell Mastered Coaching programme. He is also a certified practitioner in the Hogan suite of psychometric instruments.

Robert lives in London. He coaches in English.




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