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Together with Ososim, we leverage the leading global learning simulation-technology to help organisations bridge the learning gap between theory and practice.

Either by tailoring an existing Sim or designing a Sim from scratch to meet the challenge identified, the addition of simulation learning transcends geographical barriers to learning together. Simulation learning can support leadership development, high-performing team dynamics, behaviour change and culture transformation in an energising, agile and innovative way.

Through the Aesara Partners and Ososim partnership, we bring together experts from the worlds of gaming technology, artificial intelligence,neuroscience, learning design, organisational behaviour and executive coaching to enhance the corporate learning and development experience, making it more relevant and engaging than ever before.

Ososim plays an integral part in many of Aesara Partners’ leadership development programmes, working in more than 85 countries, with global brands such as Deloitte, Cisco and BNP Paribas, as well as government institutions, leading business schools such as London Business School and IMD, and non-profit organisations such as the World Economic Forum.

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